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On beaches and boats

Ahhh, spring break. That specter of carefree relaxation, sunlight and nothing to do. Well, I don’t know about you, but there’s never nothing to do, especially when my muse is around. The family spent last week on the beautiful Gulf coast in Mexico Beach, FL. The Gulf is close enough that we always drive down, and […]

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Once upon a time. Once… More than once… Many times… T’was a time when everything gleamed with the healthy spring and glow of young, nubile skin. Sleep was for later and the fresh blossoms begged for plucking. ‘Tween and ‘hind were places left for later exploring…too much in the here and there needed conquering. T’was […]

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Winter is here

*clears cobwebs, blows dust off keyboard, flexes stiff, unused fingers* *tap-tap-tap* *ahem* It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly on my blog, something I definitely need to correct! Old Man Winter has been a bit of a grouch this year, stomping his icy feet all the way down the Florida more than once. It’s […]

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#WordDiscipline ~ Fault Lines ~ #WriterIgniter

I found a resource a few weeks ago that I have at last taken the time to investigate. It’s called diyMFA. There’s a wealth of information on the site, articles, resource lists, prompts and I’m sure more. I’ve chosen today to be day 1 of this, and I’m feeling quiet enthusiasm, which is much better, […]

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#Yes ~ #WordDiscipline #100words

Time for a little wordplay, I think. The #Worddiscipline hashtag is from my session at EroticonUSA about short form fiction. One tweet, one sentence, 100 words; chose the framework and write away. ~*~ “Don’t move.” Cerin’s heartbeat took flight, a hummingbird hovering in constant motion. “Don’t speak.” The words delivered stirred the hairs of her […]

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EroticonUSA – Musings

  A week has passed since EroticonUSA took place, though it seems like both more and less time than it is. My goal was to post my thoughts fresh in the afterglow of the gathering. However, the time has simply not been available, and while I’ve spent some time reflecting on the conference it’s only […]

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